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Wormery and Composters

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Organic waste is in reality a valuable raw material that can be turned into a prime quality compost. Composting is the best way to deal with organic waste.  It returns valuable organic matter to the place it does the most good, the soil, in the form which it is best able to handle, compost.

Our Worm Hotel and  Can-O-Worms composters are worm assisted ways of composting your kitchen waste.  Also here are Beehive and Modular Composters.

Garden composters can be used as either conventional compost heaps or with worm-assistance... the choice is yours. When we start our own heaps we normally aim to add between 500 and 1,000 worms per cubic metre.

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"Can-O-Worms" Wormery Composter

Can-O-Worms Wormery Composter

Can-O-Worms refines the whole concept of what a household waste composter should be. Neat and unobtrusive it makes every aspect of composting easier and quicker. Its innovative layered structure gives it a huge surface area to ensure the fastest possible recycling and also lets you see at a glance how the worms are doing. The layers also help when it comes time to harvest the finished compost - with no need to separate compost from worms! raised up on sturdy legs makes it easy to collect the liquid feed from the tap. Even better, every Can-O-Worms housing is made from recycled plastic. No wonder it's a best seller.

" For the last ten years or so I have tried out a few worm bins and have found the Can-O-Worms the best"

Adam Pasco (Editor BBC Gardeners' World)

The speed of composting is directly related to the number of worms you have in your wormery.  In time, your worms will breed to give you more composting power, but if you want the fastest start possible this is the kit for you.

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Beehive Composter

Beehive Composter

Our splendid Beehive Composter is so attractive that there's no need to hide it away at the bottom of the garden! Nestle it in amongst your vegetable patch or flower garden, anywhere you can add your waste conveniently and have your compost ready to use where and when you want it.

There's a special door at the bottom that lets you harvest your compost easily and, if you want a whole batch of compost at once, the four sections simply lift apart.

This traditional design Beehive Composter is made locally from sustainable, treated timber. Each pre-assembled layer simply stacks easily on top of the next and the lid is hinged for easy addition of waste. The whole thing can be taken apart easily and compost can be accessed from the base. 

Size: 615 x 615 x 950mm (approx 300 litres).
Available in plain timber or a variety of colours.

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Modular Composter

Modular Composter

With generally much higher quantities, composting garden waste needs a different approach from composting your kitchen waste. But that does not mean that worms can't be just as helpful. Our easy to use garden composters can be used as either conventional compost heaps or with worm-assistance ... the choice is yours.

For larger scale composting this modular design composter expands to meet any challenge. Although the starter bay can be used very successfully as a stand alone composter, its clever design means that, as your need for composting space increases you can simply add extension bays allowing the composter to grow to meet any composting challenge.  Each modular bay is a 900mm cube and holds over 700 litres. Sturdily made from CCA treated timber, to last!

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Compost Box


Don't let your compost heap get out of hand! CompostBox is the ideal way to keep it neat. It is simple to assemble; made from treated wooden slats it builds in minutes into a composting tower.  It's pre-cut slats just slot together for easy assembly and harvesting.  All Composter Boxes are supplied delivered to your door in flat pack form with full instructions.  Each box measures 1 metre x 1 metre x 740mm tall.

For more information please contact us.

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"Worm Hotel" 3-tray Wormery

Junior Worm Hotel
"Junior Worm Hotel"
  • A Positive and Ingenious Solution
  • To Using Your Kitchen & Garden Wastes
  • Its Environmentally Friendly & British Made!
  • Produced by a family run business, in the UK
  • Using British Products & Recycled Plastic

NOTICE: We are currently experiencing supply problems for Worm Hotel products. At present we cannot accept orders for these products.

First layered wormery system to be produced here in the UK using recycled plastic!
Munches through your kitchen & garden wastes fast

3 Tray Wormery
"Worm Hotel" 3-tray Wormery
Kitchen Caddy
"Worm Hotel" Kitchen Caddy
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