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Wesco Colour Chart

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Please note that the actual colour will vary from that shown in the chart as the colour you see will depend on your browser settings.  This chart is to give you an indication of the various colours to help you select the one you think will go best with your decor.  Actual availability depends on the type of bin you select and not all colours are available in all styles.

White Red New Silver Vanilla
01 White 02 Red 03 New Silver 08 Vanilla
Silver Graphite Chocolate Brown Almond
11 Silver 13 Graphite 22 Chocolate
23 Almond
Champagner Beige Orange Arctic Blue Stainless Steel
24 Champagner
25 Orange 31 Arctic
41 Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Matt Blue Black  
47 Stainless
Steel Matt
53 Blue 62 Black  
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