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Simplehuman Bins

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Simplehuman® bins are available in various shapes and sizes suitable for kitchens, bathrooms or for the office environment. All feature smart clean lines with stylish design and ergonomics. Below we have a small selection of some of the more unusual models and styles available.

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Butterfly Step Bin

The award winning butterfly bin features a split lid opening (hence the name) allowing it to fit under worktops. A large sturdy foot pedal allows for smooth operation of the softly sprung doors, leaving hands free. The narrow footprint means it can fit into tight spaces. There is also a recycling version available with twin buckets.

Simplehuman Butterfly Bin


  • Butterfly lid for easy access and liner removal.
  • Lid damper technology for smooth, quiet closure and operation.
  • Durable steel pedal.
  • Smart Brushed Stainless Steel finish.
  • Various sizes: 20, 30 and 38 litre.

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Sensor Bin

The sensor bin is touch-free, smooth and quiet - the lid opens automatically when a foot is placed in the sensor zone at the base. To prevent the lid from opening accidentally the sensor zone is recessed.  There is a built in hold button for use with prolonged chores so that lid stays open past 90 degrees, for easy removal of liners for example.

Simplehuman Sensor Bin


  • Sensor drive system automatically opens and closes the lid smoothly and quietly.
  • Space efficient design fits snugly against the wall.
  • Manual open option.
  • Lid hold button for liner change.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Smart Brushed Stainless Steel finish.
  • Capacity: 38 Litres.

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Carrier Bag Holder Waste Bin System

This clean and simple bag holder waste bin, not only stores bags but re-uses them as well. It can be wall-mounted simply using four screws, a great space saving product.

Carrier Bag Holder / Waste Bin System


  • Easy to install.
  • Eco friendly design uses plastic grocery bags to hold waste.
  • Neat holder for storage of bags.
  • Polished steel frame.

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