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Rubbermaid Bins and Recycling Units

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Rubbermaid bins and recycling units are aimed at the professional and commercial sectors (i.e. Parks, Shopping Centres, Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Office Environments) and can be placed anywhere you wish to help with productive waste management. Rubbermaid's products are sturdy yet stylish and offer environmentally friendly solutions at very cost-effective prices with innovative designs and very high build quality.

Available in multi packs for simple bulk ordering and despatch.

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Rubbermaid Plaza®

High capacity rubbish bin

Rubbermaid Plaza® High capacity rubbish bin

The Plaza units come with sprung loaded flaps to help contain any unwanted odours from escaping. Manufactured from high quality plastics to resist damage by denting or chipping. It is designed with a concealed side opening access door for easy bag changing and emptying.  Moulded in various solid colours using UV inhibitors to resist fading. Ideal for high traffic areas, such as fast food restaurants, shopping centres etc.

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Rubbermaid Ranger®

High capacity rubbish bin

Rubbermaid Ranger® high capacity rubbish bin

The Ranger unit is designed for easy access with its 4 Openings (also available with sprung loaded waste flaps). It has a very neat bag/liner retainer to keep liners securely in place eliminating knot tying, with a flip-hinged top for easy bag removal. These units blend in nicely with most architectural areas. Sturdy weighted base also available (See Image Above). Suited for high traffic outdoor areas, such as recreation areas and parks, schools, universities, outside areas at shopping centres and restaurants etc. They also blend in well indoors too.

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Rubbermaid Slim Jim®

Recycling bins

Rubbermaid Slim Jim Bin

A must for heavy use waste recycling areas, having various lids especially designed for recycling paper, bottles, cups, plastics and food waste bins, etc. Slim Jim's can be supplied with or without the recycle logo displayed and in a variety of suited colours for waste management and recycle sorting stations. A handy trolley base is a sensible option too for easy transportation of the sorted waste. Slim Jim's will not rust chip or peel even outdoors due to their sturdy plastic design features. A must for all small or large office recycling zones.

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Barclays Centers™

Self extinguishing fibreglass recycling solutions/stations

Barclays self extinguishing fibreglass recycling stations

The Barclays Centers™ are an ideal sorting solution for waste paper, bottles, and general rubbish. They are designed to blend into office, school and working environments as the ultimate recycling station to help promote and improve recycling rates and waste separation in that given area. Various models are available all adding the correct recycling image to your working areas and removing unwanted waste out of sight and secure.

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Glutton® Recycling Centre

Large capacity recycling station 348 litre capacity

Glutton large capacity recycling station 348 litre capacity

The best option for recycling stations required in high use areas of the office environment. The ultimate recycle centre designed for ease of use, visually designed with a very ergonomic feel to it. Surely there is no excuse for employees not to recycle if this is in your office space as each unit is supplied with various styles of lids and labelling stickers to suit your waste separating needs.

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Rubbermaid BRUTE®

Round Containers / Waste Bins

Rubbermaid Brute Waste Bins

Simple designs are always best and the Brute containers are this, but for heavy use with specially reinforced rims with built in handles for easy stacking and strength. Various colours are available with optional lids available separately please request. Also as an optional extra are BRUTE® trolleys or train trolleys which can be attached to a pull handle for ease of manoeuvring.

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Step on Waste Bins

Ideal for hands free refuse disposal

Step on Waste Bins

Pedal Bins are a very important addition to most catering and medical environments to ensure hands free operation. The step on range offer these benefits along with tight fitting and overlapping lids to help to contain any unwanted odours, and of course durable construction for the rigours of day-to-day commercial use. Optional rigid liners are also available, providing a leak proof base. Various colours and sizes are available.

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Trio Recycle Pedal Bin

Off White and Grey

Trio Recycle Pedal Bin

Simple but effective recycling containers make separation of waste easy for the user and more effective in the office space. Our trio unit is manufactured of high-grade plastic making it easy to keep clean and with three compartments colour coded for identification of which bin is for which material. 40 Litre Capacity.

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WasteMaster Swing Lid Bins 40-110 Litre

Stainless steel or white powder coated steel

WasteMaster stainless steel Swing Lid Bins

The WasteMaster range of swing top / swivel lid bins are manufactured to withstand indoor and outdoor use. Designed of a fire safe steel construction they are suited for most uses. The lid is hinged on a sturdy full-length piano hinge for easy servicing/emptying and the hinged swing hatch is sensible as it can be accessed from both sides. A simple folding steel retainer band holds bag securely out of sight. Available in Stainless Steel or White Galvanized Powder Coated Steel. 40 litre, 60 litre, 90 litre and 110 litre variants available.

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Defender Bins

White powder coated steel construction

Defender bins for use in commercial catering, hospital and nursing homes

Defender bins are designed with commercial catering, medical/hospital and nursing home use in mind. The sturdy commercial design is built of white powder coated steel with a self closing piano hinged lid operated via a hands free foot pedal with silent closure models available (see QST model). Waste bags are retained with folding bands, which hold the bag neatly in place. Fire-safe & self-extinguishing. Powder coated. Ideally suited for healthcare and commercial kitchen environments.

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