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BioBag Product Details

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Product Details - BioBags:

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  • BioBag is completely compostable and biodegradable.
  • BioBag is made from the raw material MaterBi. Many grades are available for different applications. The material contains starch, biodegradable polyester and other natural plasticizers.
  • BioBag is completely composted after 10-45 days depending on method of composting.
  • BioBag can be produced with biodegradable master batch.
  • BioBag can be printed upon using Flexo print with up to 8 colours.
  • BioBag complies with the EU requirements for food packaging.
  • BioBag is certified by “OK Compost” and “Din Certco” according to the European Standard EN13432. The BioBag is also certified by BPI according to ASTM D6400 for North America.
  • The green ink used for printing, is certified by OK Compost according to the European Standard EN13432.
  • BioBag has a high barrier against penetration of viruses and bacteria’s.
  • BioBag is highly “breathable”, which means that the weight of the organic waste is reduced by up to 25 % in 5 days.
  • BioBag is more environmentally friendly in terms of production, transportation and treatment compared to other bags used for collection of organic waste.
  • Biodegradable and compostable films can be produced in thicknesses from 10 to 180 micron. The quality and product characteristics can be tailored according to need for specific products within carrier bags, hygiene film, mulch film, food packaging and other technical demanding application.

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