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10 Litre Biodegradable Kitchen Caddie Food Waste Liners (Cornstarch)

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Price for 4 x Roll: £14.88 inc. VAT
£12.40 excl. VAT (£3.72 inc. / £3.10 excl. each)

Price for 8 x Roll: £23.62 inc. VAT
£19.68 excl. VAT (£2.95 inc. / £2.46 excl. each)

Price for 12 x Roll: £32.54 inc. VAT
£27.12 excl. VAT (£2.71 inc. / £2.26 excl. each)

Price for 20 x Roll: £49.20 inc. VAT
£41.00 excl. VAT (£2.46 inc. / £2.05 excl. each)

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Product Code: 187903B

100% Biodegradable and compostable starch CaddySack liners for use in domestic kitchen caddies, as food waste caddy liners, most popularly used for local authority and council food waste scrap schemes.

The Bin Company's environmental approach to food waste removal and eco friendly refuse waste bags.

Bag Dimensions: Width: 430mm, Length: 450mm.

Bags per Roll : 25 Bags per Roll.

10 litre Biodegradable bags are manufactured using a starch base material and conform to the stringent composting standards of EN13432, Din Certco and the OK Compost certifications. They are 100% biodegradable and compostable and will break down completely leaving no harmful or toxic residues. Furthermore, with the products carrying the OK Compost certification marks and logos this means that when using conventional composting methods the material converts to water, CO2 and compost within approximately 45 days without leaving any harmful contaminants to effect plants and animals. The Bin Company have done some research and the eco alternative eco sacks can be used in your household compost unit or in the compost bins left out for your local authority recycling collections of food waste and composting material (although we are sure these are ok, please do still check with your local authority that they accept biodegradable bags or ask us and we will find out for you, most councils now understand and accept corn starch bags with the above mentioned certifications marked on). There are 25 bags per roll on handy tear off rolls. The 10 litre Biodegradable bags are suited to many applications to help around the house or office, also designed to work along side some Local Authority external caddie bins (Check dimesnions before purchasing).

Height: 450 mm

Width: 430 mm

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