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Single Bay Modular Composter

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Manufacturer: Composters

Product Code: D0328

For larger scale composting this modular design composter expands to meet any challenge

Manufacturers Part Number: D0328.

Dimensions: 900mm x 900mm x 900mm (each bay holds over 700 Litres).

Material: Treated Natural Wood

With generally much higher quantities, composting garden waste needs a different approach from composting your kitchen waste. Our easy to use and assemble Modular garden composters can be used as either conventional compost heaps or with worm-assistance ... the choice is yours. Further bays can be added to grow your composting system as you need or see our 2 and 3 bay modular systems if you want to start off big. (for extra composting worms see BC-0017, BC-0018, BC-0019).

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