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Integrated Under Counter Kitchen Cabinet Recycling Bin Systems

Integrated bins are waste sorting and separating systems designed to be installed into an existing kitchen carcass or cabinet. Sizes of the bins do vary, so it is best to take a measure of the space you have available in your under counter location, door sizes vary, as do internal widths, heights and depths, so do please check and double check your dimensions against those shown to make sure it will fit (taking into consideration any additions to the space, pipes, sinks and waste pipes/desposers, electrical supplies and sockets, shelves, etc) email us if you have a question or queries, we will try to assist if we can with an answer. Industry standard doors are usually measured as per those we list, however bespoke kitchens can vary and most of the systems we have available are for standard designs only, not bespoke, or in frame cabinet door designs, so any questions, please ask first, its easier. 300m cabinet generally means the door width itself is 300mm, or the outer cabinet width, same for the others we list, dimensions shown are usually at the widest point of the product, internal width, depth and height of the units we have. So best to give yourself a little room for movement on depth and height is usually best. Email and ask if you are unsure please.

If you are having difficulty finding the product(s) of interest, please contact us.

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