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Waste Compactors

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novel ideas for kitchen designs

If you are looking for novel ideas for kitchen designs, why not consider installing a handy and practical solution to the problem of kitchen rubbish - a Broan waste compactor.

Reduce your kitchen waste by 14 to 1!

waste compactors

Waste reduction is becoming a necessity in the UK.  The Broan waste compactor is a stylish piece of refuse equipment that compresses the equivalent of 14 large kitchen rubbish bins into one bag. You simply use the waste compactor in place of your usual kitchen bin for waste disposal.

rubbish reduction

Make overflowing dustbins or wheelie bins a thing of the past!

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  • waste compactor Most powerful domestic compactor on the market.
    The patented double-scissors ram and motor deliver up to 5,000 lbs. of compaction force.
  • door interlock Interlocking door with auto-reverse feature
    Safety interlock prevents operation when the door is open. Ram automatically reverses if the load is off-centre.
  • cutting top Optional cutting board top 
    This hardwood cutting board adds a useful finishing touch, where it is used in a free-standing position.
  • Optional Custom Panels.
    These are available in black, white and stainless steel.  Please note that the models are supplied with reversible door panels in the colour options shown in the table below.

sliding bins

  • Swing-away door with removable drawer
    Sliding waste bins allow easy removal of rubbish for disposal. In this case, not only does the drawer pull out but the door then swings aside to simply slide out the full bag after which the entire drawer removes for easy cleaning. (Convenient toe release available on models 1050 & 1056).
  • Waste bags
    Specially designed reinforced plastic bags are available in packs of 12.
  • Can be free standing or built in.

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Model Features and Prices

door panels

Details applying to all models:

  • Width: 304.8 mm  12 inches
  • Depth: 514.4 mm  20¼ inches
  • Cabinet Colour: Black
  • Levelling adjusters on the underside of the base 
  • UK '13-amp' plug (fitted)

Door panels available in stainless steel, black and white.

Model specific features:

Model Height (mm) Height (inches) Foot Pedal
Full height
876 34½ Yes
781 30¾ Yes
781 30¾ No
  • The EX1051 model has an integrated bag compartment on the top; hence the increase in height.
  • Suffix L denotes that these models come complete with a latch on the drawer.
  • All come with the manufacturers one-year parts and labour warranty (for domestic use only).

Optional extras:

  • Hardwood Cutting Board
  • Stainless Steel door Panel
  • Pack of 12 Bags

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You can download further details on the care and use of these products here. Please note that the actual specifications vary from country to country.


  • How does the waste compactor work?
    The ram in the compactor squeezes the rubbish flat with tremendous force.
  • What can I put into my compactor?
    Anything that you would normally put into your kitchen bin. When putting in glass, it is recommended that you don't put it at the bottom of the bag or at the sides to prevent broken glass from tearing the trash bag or injuring the person who changes it. We at The Bin Company do prefer to promote Glass recycling and recommend that you recycle your glass by taking it to one of your local recycle centres, although the compactor does make a satisfying noise when it crushes the bottles.  If messy waste is at the top of the compartment, it is a good idea to place some newspaper, for example, on the top before compacting to minimise the need for extra cleaning. It is not advisable to insert aerosols or other containers holding combustible materials.
  • How much can I put in?
    You can keep adding rubbish until the compartment is full and the compactor will compress no further. The compaction cycle will become shortened as the compartment fills up. You don't need to run the cycle each time; merely when the compartment becomes full.
  • Will my compactor be noisy?
    For the short duration of the compaction cycle, there will be some noise on a par with other kitchen appliances.
  • Can I install a custom panel on the door?
    Yes. You can install a custom panel on the front of the drawer. They are available in black, white and stainless steel. Alternatively, you could have one made to specification by a kitchen cabinet-maker.
  • Do I have to use special bags or will any bag work?
    The reinforced polyethylene waste compactor bag is designed for your machine and should only be used. Other bags may become caught in the mechanism and require a chargeable visit by an engineer. 
  • How often should I changeb the bag?
    When the bag is full or the machine won't compact any more of its own accord because of this.
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