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Brabantia Waste Bins

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You can't beat Brabantia bins for elegance, whether at home in the kitchen and bathroom or in the office.  The bins are available in a range of colours to co-ordinate with your decor, and carry the Brabantia 10 year guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.  Below is just a small selection of the styles available.  If you are looking for something specific, or you would like to know more about any of our products:

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Brabantia Push Bin

Brabantia Push bin - 50 litre
A modern and efficient interpretation of a truly classic design. This large capacity bin has an extra large opening to avoid spills, and a softly sprung access door. It is best suited to the larger family, or those who produce a lot of rubbish.


  • Robust round body shape made of high-grade chromium steel.
  • Removable stainless steel lid unit.
  • Large opening
  • Plastic base - prevents damage to the floor
  • Dimensions: height 825 mm, ě body 405 mm
  • Colours: brilliant steel, matt steel
Touch Bin

Brabantia Touch bin® - 50 litre
This extra large Touch bin® lets you store up to 50 litres of waste. The opening is big enough to empty a dustpan without spilling and with the dampened lid hinge, you can say goodbye to irritating clattering when opening or closing the bin.


  • Robust round body made of high-grade chromium-steel, brushed stainless steel or steel plate with Galfan coating
  • Dampened lid hinge
  • Sturdy hand grips
  • Protective plastic base
  • Dimensions: height 720 mm, ě body 400 mm
  • Colours: brilliant steel, matt black, matt steel, metallic blue,, metallic grey, platinum, white
Pedal Bin

Brabantia Pedal bin - 5 litre
This pedal bin is small enough to fit into spaces like the bathroom or toilet. It is odour-proof and silent closing because of whisper lid and comes in a fire resistant version, making it ideal for use in public places.


  • Made of chromium steel or steel plate with Galfan coating
  • Removable plastic or metal inner bucket
  • Sturdy metal carrying grip
  • Dimensions: height 285 mm, ě body 207 mm
  • Colours: brilliant steel, ivory/ice blue, matt black, matt steel, metallic blue, metallic grey, platinum, white
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