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Holiday Notice 'Office Closed'.

Please note that our office is closed until Tuesday 24th January 2017.
Orders can be placed as usual and will be processed in line with lead times shown, stock availability permitting.
Where stock is not available the lead times shown will run from 24th January 2017.
Enquiries or queries? - Please email us or contact us via our contact page and we will respond on 24th January 2017.

Waste Compactor and Trash Compactors for the Home Kitchen and Utility Area

Domestic compactors are a great way of reducing your household waste volume, the units have a mechanical system inside them that crushes your waste to a manageable size and reduce the amount of trips you make to the wheelie bin. These domestic compacting machines compact your waste volume significantly and are so effective that they can crush up to six sacks of wast into just one bag. This will mean less trips to the dustbin for you and ultimately less trips to landfill too.

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