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Biodegradeable Plastic Bags

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Biodegradable Waste Bags and Composting

biodegradable plastic bags - find out moreThe BioBag is 100% biodegradeable and a viable environmental alternative to paper bags and polyethylene bags. The raw material is based on a new generation of biodegradable substances, mainly made from corn starch. After use these biodegrade completely to water, CO2 and compost. 

The biodegradability of the raw materials is continuously tested and monitored by authorised organisations and has been certified according to National and International composting standards.

Furthermore, all the products carry the "OK Compost" mark which means that when using conventional composting methods the material converts to water, CO2 and compost within approximately 45 days without leaving any harmful or toxic residues to plants and animals.

Using the BioBag makes an important contribution toward reducing the greenhouse effect and acid precipitation.  Thanks to the natural components of the material, the BioBag has a significantly less adverse impact on the environment than other bags.  

Retail Shopping Bags WholesaleRetail Shopping Bags Wholesale

Bio-Shop are shopping bags for business.  They are extremely strong in use and 100% compostable. After use as a carrier bag they can then be used to collect kitchen waste making this the most customer and environmentally friendly alternative to common carrier bags.

Dog Waste Disposal

BioBag Dog are the first 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable "plastic" dog waste bags in the world.  The bags contain no polyethylene-based ingredients. As natural as a dog's droppings, they are made to decompose in 40 days when placed in a regulated composting environment.  Polyethylene bags take well over 100 years to degrade.

They are supplied in rolls of 25 and have a simple to operate sealing system.


rubbish bagsRubbish Bags

We have a broad assortment of rubbish bags, bin liners and refuse sacks from 3 litres to 240 litres made of 100% biodegradable material, which fit most of the containers on the market.  They are ideal for compostable kitchen waste and garden rubbish and other compostable materials collected in residential and commercial establishments. 

Product CodeType of  BagNumber of Bags
in a roll or block
Bags per CartonWidth (mm)Length (mm)
186002Biobag 6 litre50n/a360370
186440Biobag 8 litre25n/a390400
187903B Biobag 10 litre25n/a430450
187025Biobag Nappy Bags25n/a410560
186005Biobag dog100875200300
186590BBiobag 30 litre10n/a550720
BWR50245ABiobag 50 litre25n/a600940
BWR50220.ABiobag 80 litre20n/a8201050
187622Biobag  35 litre40n/a600740
186944Biobag 140 litre16n/a8901320
186322Biobag 240 litre5n/a11301390
191127Bio shopper 20 litren/a500 loose bags450580
ECO8Eco Sack 8 litre50n/a180 + 125390
ECO12Eco Sack 12 litre50n/a245 + 395395
Maxi-Airflow System

A perforated container which is used in conjunction with 6 or 8 litre bio-bags.  It can be free standing or mounted on a wall or cupboard.  The airflow system reduces the volume and weight of organic waste by up to 22% within 3 to 5 days.  It also reduces smells.

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